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Hi, I’m Anja,
a UX Design and Marketing expert 
with a business background.


About me

I'm Anja, a UX Designer and Marketing Expert based in Vienna with over 7 years of experience in brand management, sales, business development, go-to-market strategy and shopper marketing.

My interest in customer behavior and strategic planning was what brought me to marketing and sales at first. After I discovered the scope and power of User Experience Design I wanted to gain deeper knowledge in this field. This led me to join UX Design Bootcamp at Talent Garden Innovation School in Vienna, where I gain the essential knowledge and hands-on experience of the whole UX Design process from research to Hi-Fi prototyping.

I strongly believe that a user-centric approach is key for the long-term success of any company. I want to take advantage of my business experience and passion for human-centered design to help companies develop and improve their products and services.

When I am not working I love to spend my time in nature, traveling around the world and trying out new delicious recipes.

About me



I have many years of experiences in new product launches, creation of business cases, sales presentations, collaborating with stakeholder and understanding of business requirements.


I always want to understand how the project fits in the bigger overall business strategy and customer experience.


In my past roles, I collaborated daily with different departments where I learned to listen and understand requirements so that I was able to coordinate work effectively and reach the common goal.


I like to bring structure in to the project when needed. In the past I got the opportunity to be one of the first employees of a new company where I successfully developed new internal processes and found structured ways to solve the problems.


In everyday life I often put myself into other people shoes to understand their point of view. This skill also helps me to better understand users and stakeholders.


By preparing sales reports and conducting market researches I developed strong analytical thinking skills.


UX Design Projects

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